Moisturizing Face Cream With 97% Natural Aloe Vera Gel Matting And Narrowing Of Pores

35 AED

Moisturizing Aloe Facial Cream, 50 ml

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Complex of active ingredients:

Moisturizes and mattifies

Eliminates oily shine and tightens pores

Provides a velvety smoothness and freshness

The moisturizing formula of aloe vera cream with an incredibly high content of natural ingredients is a real salvation for skin with a disturbed hydrolipid balance. Special lamellar structures, related to the structure of the skin, help the active components of the cream to be absorbed as fully as possible and naturally support the physiological processes in the epidermis, thereby normalizing the balance of oiliness and skin hydration, simultaneously eliminating unwanted shine and narrowing the pores.

Highly effective aloe vera gel quickly and for a long time restores the necessary level of moisture in the skin, fully saturates the cells with all the necessary substances, promotes the formation of collagen and elastin, prevents loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles, makes the skin soft and silky.

The patented Epidermist Natural Complex improves cellular renewal, leaving the skin flawlessly smooth by tightening pores, smoothing the surface and erasing imperfections.

Result: the skin becomes flawlessly hydrated and fresh, velvety smooth and matte, and retains its perfection day and night.
Especially recommended for oily skin.

50 ml of the product contains a concentrated essence of 97 ml of live aloe vera juice

Apply in the morning and / or evening to cleansed skin