Cashmere Exfoliating Sugar Face And Lip Scrub

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Sugar Scrub, 50 ml

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pink magnolia, cashmere proteins, delicate texture, exquisite aroma
provides gentle exfoliation
softens, nourishes and smoothes
gives the skin softness, smoothness and radiance

Feel the delightful, enveloping sensation of light warmth and deep cleansing with a sugar scrub specially formulated for luxurious facial and lip care.

Crystals of different sizes during the massage provide multilevel exfoliation of dead skin cells and polish the skin, stimulating blood circulation, activating the processes of renewal and regeneration.

The delicate and incredibly pleasant texture melts on the skin, filling it with the beauty and freshness of exquisite pink magnolia , it provides the exceptional moisturizing and smoothing properties of cashmere proteins and the powerful rejuvenating power of Alpine edelweiss
Impressive result: smooth, matte velvety skin of the face and silky, like petals of delicate colors, skin of the lips.

Apply to damp skin, avoiding eye area, massage, rinse with water. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week.