Cream-Filler + Volume Lift Eye

37 AED

Cream-Filler (Eyelids Swelling and Dark Circles), 20 ml

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A firming Eye Cream Filler improves the appearance of the skin around the eyes, perfecting it. Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are reduced, which gives clarity and radiance to the eyes. The complex of active ingredients provides an amazing multi-effect:

– visible reduction of dark circles

– reduction of puffiness of the eyelids

– filling wrinkles from the inside

– instant lifting

Contains optical micro-particles with blur focus technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Acacia resin polysaccharide provides instant lifting: the network of wrinkles around the eyes is visibly smoothed, the skin surface is leveled.

*Effect proven by BASF (France)

Result: the skin around the eyes becomes visibly smoother, firmer and more radiant, wrinkles disappear.