Eyeliner Relouis Elite Ink Liner

34 AED

Eyeliner Elite, 4,7g

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Elite Ink Liner liquid eyeliner is the perfect solution for creating crisp, graphic, and timeless winged lines.

An elite liner is useful in every women’s cosmetic bag. Eye makeup gains richness and expressiveness when the eyelid contour is summed up with a graceful contour, turning into a sophisticated arrow.

Product Benefits

A practical bottle of eyeliner securely stores the product, preventing drying. The convenient applicator with a conical tip allows you to apply the product smoothly and smoothly, creating a line of suitable thickness. Decorative product has a number of advantages:

easy to apply;

dries quickly;

does not imprint over the eyelid, does not spread.

How to apply?

The tip of the liner allows you to create a subtle line or make expressive wide arrows. Holding the applicator almost at a right angle will give you a thin line, while tilting it closer to your eyelid will create a thicker line.

Elegant, romantic, everyday, evening – any make-up!