Luxcare Hydrogel Patches-Petals With Gold For The Skin Around The Eyes 1 Pair


Gold Hydrogel Patches, 1 pс

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Fresh, radiant, mesmerizing look! Eyes that speak more than a thousand words!

Gold hydrogel petal patches are an indispensable SOS tool that really works wonders. Highly active natural ingredients in just 20 minutes eliminate traces of stress, fatigue and lack of sleep, deeply nourish and moisturize delicate skin, excellently relieve puffiness and swelling, brighten dark circles, even out skin tone.

Collagen synthesis is activated, the skin matrix is ​​restored, mimic wrinkles of the inner corner of the eyelid and crow’s feet are visibly smoothed, and the look is instantly transformed.

A special elastic and delicate mesh is formed on the skin, instantly tightening the skin, giving extraordinary elasticity and smoothness, which achieves an impressive effect of long-term lifting.

Wash face and eye area with lukewarm water, apply petal patches under eyes and gently press for a tighter fit. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then remove. The best time to use is before bed or during rest.