Modeling Gel-Paste For Hair Styling Super Fixation

58 AED

Modeling Gel For Hair, 150 ml



Modeling gel-paste for hair styling is the originality and naturalness of your image due to a balanced formula. The tool will help to easily discipline the hair and create a stylish hairstyle. It dries quickly on the hair, does not create the effect of a sticky film and is resistant to changes in humidity. A special complex of active ingredients will provide additional hair care.

Dragon’s blood (tropical tree extract Croton Lechlera)

– stimulates microcirculation in the vessels adjacent to the hair follicles, strengthening the roots and slowing down hair loss;
– moisturizes the hair, making it more elastic;
– reduces the sensitivity of the scalp.

Vitamin complex (A, E and D-panthenol) eliminates dryness and brittle hair, strengthens and nourishes the hair along its entire length.

Application: Apply to dry or damp hair and style. After blow-drying, apply a small amount of styling product to the ends of the hair to eliminate frizz.