Natural Serum For Increasing The Volume Of Eyelashes

62 AED

Serum For Eyelashes, 3,4 g

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The innovative formula of the 5-in-1 serum for increasing the volume of eyelashes and eyebrows WIDELASH contains the patented substance WIDELASHTM (Biotinyl-GHK) – fortified biotin, which participates in the formation of new tissues by synthesizing laminin-5 and collagen 4 of the cell membrane, as a result provoking hair growth. Panthenol , which is part of the composition, restores all damaged areas and cracks, moisturizes the hair structure, protecting it from aggressive environmental influences. The complex of castor and argan oil in the composition additionally nourishes the hair follicle, prolonging its life cycle, and improves the general condition of the eyelid skin.

Does not contain hormones.

Application:  Once a day, apply the leave-in serum after make-up remover along the lash line, avoiding the mucous membranes of the eyes. Do not use in conjunction with other products.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.