New Design Gel Eye Mask Perfect Look

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Gel Eye Mask

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The gel mask is used both as a cold compress (relieving puffiness and swelling under the eyes) and a hot compress (relieving spasm of the eye muscles). You can use it in the morning, instead of ice, as a natural eye area freshener, creating a wonderful mood for the whole day.

Benefits of the gel eye mask:
It has a special design: the inner filler of colored gelatin and the outer material of the mask do not freeze and do not lose elasticity when cooled.
It takes an anatomically comfortable shape, which provides a closer contact with the face and makes the cooling effect more effective.
The simple and convenient form allows you to use the mask for children.

The eye mask is applied:
After a long tiring driving;
When working on a computer for a long time;
With toothache;
With bruises and hematomas;
With headache or fever;
After a long reading;
With eye strain at night.
Students of higher and secondary educational institutions suffering from false myopia associated with eye fatigue;
Employees whose work involves a lot of visual load: computer operators, accountants, designers, secretaries, teachers, drivers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, etc.

Recent eye surgery
Acute inflammatory processes in the eye area;
Retinal detachment and increased intraocular pressure.

A cold gel eye mask removes swelling and puffiness under the eyes, has a lifting effect – for this, the mask should be placed in the refrigerator for 35-40 minutes. A cold mask will also help with bruises, headaches and toothaches, just take it out of the refrigerator and apply it to a bruised or sore spot for a few minutes. The mask will perfectly replace the procedures with ice. The gel mask under the eyes can also be used hot – to relieve spasms of the eye muscles. To do this, the mask should be placed under hot water for 2-3 minutes. After ten minutes of using the mask, the feeling of eye fatigue will disappear, swelling under the eyes will decrease.