Perfumed Body Mist Romantic Night With Pheromones

27 AED

Body Mist, 100 ml



Perfumed body mist perfectly refreshes and tones the skin, enveloping it with an attractive aroma.

The spray formula does not contain alcohol, which allows you to delicately interact with the skin, leaving behind a feeling of lightness and comfort.

Romantic Night Pheromone Zone Spray Features:

– original perfume composition — notes of vanilla, rose, bergamot, plum and peony.
– durability of aroma;
– light, transparent consistency;
– quickly absorbed;
– does not leave a sticky film;
– convenient dispenser-sprayer;
– finely dispersed application;
– protective cap;
– recommended for flavoring and moisturizing the skin of the body;
– Do not apply to clothing.

Spray on the skin of the body from a distance of 15-20 cm. It is not recommended to apply on clothing.