Professional Lactic Acid Face Peeling

42 AED

Face Peeling, 30 ml

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Lactic Acid is a mild physiological acid that is part of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin. Easily and evenly penetrates the epidermis. Effectively moisturizes and whitens the skin, increases its firmness and elasticity, reduces the depth of mimic wrinkles.


– Dryness and peeling

– Mimic wrinkles

– Dull complexion

– Age spots, freckles

– Enlarged pores


– intense skin hydration;

– exfoliation of dead skin cells;

– pore reduction;

– smoothing fine wrinkles;

– increased skin tone;

– reduction of pigmentation;

– smoothing the relief and improving the tone of the face.

All-weather peeling can be used in summer, subject to the use of SPF 30+. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Contraindications: herpes, pronounced rosacea, skin hypersensitivity, fresh skin injuries, chronic dermatoses in the acute stage, individual intolerance to the components of the product, immediately after prolonged exposure to the sun and / or visiting a solarium.
Application: Apply peeling to dry, cleansed face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Leave for 5-12 minutes (first application – 5 minutes, with each subsequent procedure increase the exposure time by 1 minute, but do not exceed 12 minutes). Then rinse thoroughly with a sponge dampened with cold water. Finish off with a moisturizer.

To achieve a pronounced effect, it is recommended to conduct a course of 5-10 procedures with an interval between procedures of 7-10 days.

Attention! If you experience severe burning or redness, immediately wash off the peeling from your face with water.