Regulating Day-Night Face Cream-Tonic Organic Superfood Energy

38 AED

Balancing Facial Toner, 45 g

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Give your skin true care, youth, beauty and enjoy complete relaxation and harmony with Zen Superfood. Zen Superfood Energy regulating finishing cream for oily to combination skin keeps the face fresh all day long and prevents the appearance of oily sheen.

Superfood matcha is a unique “beauty enhancer” and a source of healthy energy. The cream has a strong antioxidant effect, evens out the relief, relieves inflammation and improves complexion. Oak bark extract strengthens skin vessels, has astringent, anti-inflammatory, tightening, smoothing effect, Lavender extract has antiseptic, healing, soothing properties. Helps fight inflammation and flaking.

Grape seed oil, almond oil, and urea help maintain optimal moisture content, stimulate skin regeneration, soften and nourish. The melting texture of the cream provides the skin with a “weekend effect”.

Apply the product to the palms of your hands, gently rub them together to activate the healing power of matcha superfood with heat. Bring your palms to your face, gently apply the cream on your face, let it absorb.