Relouis Complimenti Foundation With Powder Finish

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Complimenti Foundation With Powder Finish, 30 ml

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Spherical powder particles in the foundation give the face an ideal haze and a well-groomed appearance, and silicone oils provide an even distribution and surprising durability.
The light texture of the cream is applied in a thin layer, while it perfectly conceals the shortcomings and prevents the appearance of a greasy shine, without hammering into the pores and without creating the effect of a mask on the face.

Suitable for all skin types.

Feature tone is that it contains light-reflecting particles – a fine mineral powder, reflecting the rays of light. Thereby:

– natural radiance without the effect of oily skin is created due to the “powderiness” of the particles
– Retro-reflective effect optically hides excessive pigmentation, fine wrinkles and signs of skin fading
– as if the skin brightened from the inside becomes visually younger, acquiring a fresh and well-groomed appearance