Rice Powder Fixative Final Touch

47 AED

Rice Powder With A Natural Matte, 8.7 g



Final Touch fixing powder is the final touch for a flawless look.

Rice powder with a natural matte finish refreshes the skin and provides long-lasting makeup fixation for the whole day.

Thin transparent coating of the fixing powder absorbs excess shine, optically smoothes the skin micro relief, adapting to all skin tones.

Rice powder is suitable for any skin type: for dry skin – the rice powder will help it not lose the necessary moisture, for oily skin – it will create a matte effect, for problem skin – it will give an anti-inflammatory effect.

Despite its strong matting properties and rice composition, the powder has a weightless texture and does not dry the skin.

The product can be used as a finishing powder, as a base for makeup, or on its own, refreshing and creating a protective barrier on clean skin.
Available in one universal shade.

Apply powder to clean face or over foundation using a round brush.