Shining Body Spray Cream Perfume

43 AED

Body Spray Cream, 150 g



3-in-1 effect: seductive fragrance, sophisticated radiance and perfect skin.
Cream-spray is quickly absorbed without leaving stickiness. The smallest golden shimmer covers the skin with a light radiant veil, optically leveling the surface and giving a well-groomed look. A sparkling fragrance that combines delicate floral notes with chords of spring freshness and the charm of evening Paris, emphasizes your individuality and femininity.

Active ingredients: gardenia flower extract, hibiscus flower extract, panthenol, betaine.

– Gives moisture and softness
– envelops with a seductive aroma for a long time
– optically leveling the skin relief, hiding minor imperfections

Application: shake the bottle, apply the spray cream evenly on clean skin, spread gently, let it absorb.