Nude Harmony Volumising Black Mascara BelorDesign

42 AED

Volumising Mascara, 9,2 g

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The volumizing Nude Harmony mascara harmoniously stretches and curls each lash from root to tip, creating the desired volume.

The rich-black charcoal pigment, which is part of the mascara, makes the look bright and expressive.

Eyelashes remain flexible and “alive” – without weighting and the effect of false eyelashes.

Convenient double-sided cone-shaped silicone brush perfectly distributes mascara over the entire length, evenly coats even the shortest eyelashes, easily allowing to create perfect volume and length.
Targets every single lash for a more expressive look. Perfectly separates, stretches and curls.

The innovative texture of the rich-black charcoal pigment makes the look bright and expressive.

The formula is infused with the mixture of natural waxes, which strengthens the eyelashes protecting them from breakage. It also adds plasticity to the texture of the mascara, making it soft and creamy.

Castor oil – nourishes and softens eyelashes, giving them a well-cared and expensive look.

Paraben free

Apply the product in one layer to get a natural look, or repeat the action for a more expressive look